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We offer full grooming services for dogs and cats of all sizes and age.


  • Wash Packages: includes nail clipping, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, glands expression, and brushing
  • Works Packages: includes full haircut and wash package.
  • Wash and Sanitary Trim: includes full wash package and sanitary cuts and paw trimming.

Our attention to detail makes sure you get what you ask for and go home with a happy pet and a satisfied human.

Upon check in, we inspect your dog or cat for any abnormalities, parasite infestation (i.e: flea, ticks), skin issues, and mats. We then discuss what you want done on your dog or cat. Haircut style? length? Etc. As long as it is possible, we will have it done for you. We have a grooming checklist where we write down in detail what you requested done on your dog or cat and any issues we find on him or her. And you will have to sign off on it.

Your pets safety and health is our highest priority. All pets are handled with utmost care and love like they are our own. Some dogs and most cats do not appreciate the whole grooming process so we make sure they will not get stressed aand make them feel comfortable as much as possible. And make the whole grooming process as short as possible for lesser stress.