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Our Store / Company Policy

  1.  Please refrain from feeding your pet prior to their grooming appointment. Have them do their business outside before bringing them in for grooming.   
  2.  If your pet soils himself during grooming and requires another bath, a 35% extra wash fee will apply for each additional wash.  
  3.   All vaccinations should be up-to-date.  
  4.   Appointments require at least a 24 hour notice.  
  5.   Cancellations also require a 24 hour notice so that we may give the appointment to other pets that need it.  
  6.  Appointments always take priority over walk-in clients, however, as a courtesy to other customers and their pets, if you are late for your appointment for more than 10 minutes, we have the right to re-schedule your appointment, or we may start working on the other pets first which may cause delay to your pet’s grooming session.  
  7.   Walk-ins are welcome, as long as we have room to accommodate them.  
  8.   Additional charges will apply for pets that require extra work like flea treatment, tick removal, thorn/ foxtail/ bur removal, medicated shampoo, de-shedding, matted/ greasy/ extremely dirty coats, difficult dogs, aggressive dogs, etc.  
  9.   All pets must be picked-up within an hour after grooming, or before our closing time in order to avoid daycare/ pet-sitting or boarding charges.      
  10.   Keep pets leashed or crated at all times while inside Pet Pros’ premises. AST Pet Pros will not be responsible for any injury, accidents or loss that may occur to pets or people due to unleashed or uncrated pets.  
  11.   To keep fleas from infesting other pets, as well as our facility, it is mandatory that we treat all pets that show any sign of flea or tick problems. An additional charge will apply.  
  12.   Please do not bring your pet if they have any contagious disease.  
  13.   Inform a Pet Pros Personnel if your pet has or had any medical problems, heart conditions, seizures, allergies, history of aggression or any other issues.   
  14.   If your pet is “in-heat,” we have the right to re-schedule your appointment after the “heat” period is over. 
  15.   We only accept CASH or DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS. Sorry, NO CHECKS.

*By acquiring our services, you hereby accepted the terms and policies of AST PET PROS