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Earthborn Hollistic - Grain Free

We have been feeding Earthborn on my Pitbull. Since he has been very sensitive with every other dog food giving him diarhea (bad!). This is the ONLY Grain-Free dog food that doesn't! 

Offers a wholesome approach to nutrition with high-quality ingredients that nourish the whole pet.Every holistic pet food formula is designed to offer balanced nutrients that support your pet's overall health and physical well-being

Artemis Fresh Mix

This has been our Yorkie's choice! Imported dog from the Philippines through our mom (lol). He has been picky with what he wants to eat. Really spoiled by my mom. And we had a hard time finding the right one for him, until he tried Artemis Dog food! Made in California! All natural! And my mom's dog loves it!

 The formula on which all of our other lines are based: a careful balance of fiber, fats, protein, and carbohydrates to achieve an optimal weight level; healthy doses of Omega 6 & 3 for pristine skin and a gleaming coat; plenty of antioxidants like green tea and vitamins A, C, and E for strong immune support; and optimal digestion through prebiotics. We even adjusted the kibble size for smaller and larger breeds for chewing comfort and ease. 

OSO PURE - Grain Free

Best Food Out there! And our Bull dog loves it!  

Osopure is the Artemis answer to your pets demand for a protein-centered, grain free approach to achieving nutrition. We hand select the highest quality protein sources as the base of this specialized formula. Osopure not only mirrors the balance of nutrition one would find in the wild, it enhances it.

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